Great horses, noble, docile and ready to be enjoyed by an experienced rider. Climb on top of a horse and head towards the hills, ride surrounded by wildlife in total privacy reaching the lake to enjoy a picnic in an unbeatable environment, on the shores of the lake and surrounded by the singing of birds. A recess for the ‘picnic’ and we continue riding, amongst all the different species that you can find at Caballo de Hierro: red partridges, genets, red deer, fallow deer, mouflons, wild boars and many more. 
The trip can take as long as you wish adapting to avoid missing the most secret spots of the Finca. At Caballo de Hierro you can also ride in the arena, perfectly prepared with last generation sand and of a size of 40 by 20 meters. The combination of landscape, good horses, outstanding accommodation and wildlife will provide you with the ride of a lifetime.

The stables are buillt according to the typical Spanish traditional ways with 10 boxes and a patio in the middle but built by German experts. We have on site a group of eight high quality horses and, should the size of the group require it, we are able to bring more. We have thoroughbred Arab horses, thorough bred Spanish horses (Pura Raza Española) and Arab-Spanish horses.